Suncat 75

Length22.8 m
May:2768.59 € / Day
June:3966.94 € / Day
July:4214.87 € / Day
August:4214.87 € / Day
September:3966.94 € / Day
October:2768.59 € / Day
Other months:2768.59 € / Day
Sun Cat is 75' (22 metres) long and accommodates up to 100 people, including the crew consisting of four members. It has a tender for eight passengers to make the journey to the coast easier.

The huge covered deck gives you the opportunity of protecting yourself from the sun, while sitting on comfortable deckchairs talking enthusiastically and enjoying sail navigation and the beautiful landscape.

Our large nets on the bow will become your favourite "solarium". Lying down on them while feeling the blue waters flow beneath your body and enjoying the murmur of the sea during sail navigation is an authentic privilege. Enjoy a relaxing day, sailing quietly towards a beautiful creek with turquoise waters in the coast of Ibiza and Formentera, while you receive the caress of a light breeze.

Beam 10.5 m
Large solarium & Nets
Price Includes:

Crew, fuel, insurance, fuel, general cleaning

Timetable options:

Morning 10.30 am - 15.30 pm.
Afternoon 16.30 am - 21.00 pm.
Full Day 10.30 am - 19.00 pm.

* Please contact for pricing on your specific request

Additional options:

Open Bar, Catering, DJ (consult).
Booking: 50%.
Remaining 50% and extras 1 week before the day of departure.
Price does not include VAT 21%